An Interview With E.A. Smiroldo, a Debut Author, Discussing Her Dystopian Book The Silent Count

E.A. Smiroldo’s book The Silent Count imagines a future in which scientists have discovered an economical and practical approach to reduce global warming. However, in this fictitious universe, government officials are more concerned with sustaining the status quo than with mending Mother Earth. Is it because they are employed by Big Oil and Big Coal? Could it be that they merely pay lip service to the environment and are oblivious to the plight of billions of people who will suffer and maybe die if nothing is done about the deteriorating climate soon?

Smiroldo believes that’s how things will go for her heroine Dara Bouldin, a nuclear physicist who believes she knows how to stop global warming. However, since she is only a cog in the government system, a woman, and a young person (three strikes and you’re out! ), her program is dismissed. Until it is, but for the wrong reasons and by the wrong people.

Smiroldo recently spoke with reporters about her profession and personal life.

Is the science in your book true or fabricated?

Oh, yes, it’s true!

How so?

Look about you. Everything you observe is made up of the same components, or elements. Although each of the elements has unique qualities, they are all made up of atoms, the smallest unit of an element that preserves its properties. 

Previously, scientists thought that one atom was the smallest object that could exist.

We now know that one atom is made up of smaller particles, which are made up of smaller particles.

Tell us how you came up with Dara Bouldin’s tumultuous love life.

Is it based on your personal observations?

Not at all. For many years, my personal love life has been completely gratifying, solid, and mature. In my personal life, I consider romance like I would atomic energy – something to learn about before delving into the weeds. I determined that my protagonist would embody many of today’s insane love fancies that young people discuss on social media. 

According to critics, your book is darkly humorous.

Was that on purpose?

Humor is based on a different reality. And it’s much more amusing when it occurs to someone else rather than you. That is why romantic comedies, both as literature and films, have always been so successful. My characters in the narrative, I believe, are realistic and vibrant.

I just change the speech and motive to make them more memorable. 

Solstice Publishing, Amazon, and other retailers sell E. A. Smiroldo’s The Silent Count.

Visit E. A. Smiroldo’s web page for a better understanding of her genius.

E.A. Smiroldo is a nuclear engineer, author, and musician. She is determined to underline the importance of trust and love since mankind is on the cusp of a major climatic calamity.

She has won writing contests from the International Screenwriters’ Dig and the Bethesda Literary Festival. She is in partnership on a film screenplay with Xray Media that will be ready for filming next year.