Bed Bugs in Paris? Mais Non!

Bedbugs in Paris? In the best Parisian hotels? Mais non

Unfortunately, the news is true. Tourists in the city of lights have been complaining on Yelp and other rating sites that their stay in the City of Lights was marred by too close an acquaintance with Cimex lectularius — the common bedbug. And French authorities are reluctantly admitting to the bug debacle.

A group of Paris hotel owners is finally admitting that some of the best hotels in the city are afflicted by the bloodsucking little pests, and that it’s getting worse — not just in Paris but across the whole of France. According to a government agency that tracks these things, called CS3D, in the year 2018 there were over one-hundred-thousand confirmed bedbug infestations just in Paris alone. And the rate of infestation is growing by leaps and bounds — from 2016 to 2018 bedbug reports more than doubled throughout France.

Although most of the conservative, anti-immigrant media has claimed that the influx of bedbugs is due to the African/Middle Eastern refugees that often arrive with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and a few filthy bedrolls, scientists are more apt to blame global warming and climate change as the real culprits — bed bugs thrive in warm and moist climates, and France has recently suffered through some of the hottest and most humid summers in its long history.