Famous Fountain Becomes Off Limits to Tourists in Rome.

The city council of Rome is backing a controversial plan to put up a mesh and concrete barrier around the ancient and honored Trevi Fountain. The council’s claims that this has become necessary to protect the rococo landmark from the mobs of tourists that routinely flock to the fountain to throw in coins and make wishes. It’s also the favorite spot in all of Rome for tourists to take selfies. Rome mayor Virginia Raggi claims that without such a barrier the famous renaissance pump will become irreparably damaged from tourists sitting on it and throwing trash into the water. Right now, says the mayor, city workmen have to drain the fountain and remove things like bottles and plastic bags from the suction pumps at the bottom of the fountain pool every other week. 

Michaelangelo had a hand in designing the Trevi Fountain, but was forced to flee the city before actual work on the marble fountain was begun because he fell afoul of the Pope, who did not care for the great artist’s ideas about how to portray the Immaculate Conception. 

Stone for the fountain was brought from as far away as the quarries in the Italian Alps, and some historians claim that the city fathers sent to Egypt for the very last of the secretive stone masons in Cairo who claimed to have occult knowledge on how the original Pyramids were built.