How Air Freshening Has Changed Over the Years

No matter who you are, or when you lived, air freshening has always been a must. Bad smelling air has been around longer than people, we were just the first to take it into our own hands.

For centuries, people have tried to find new ways of freshening the air around them, whether it be because of health concerns, a hot date coming over, or just to have a more enjoyable home. It used to be that people freshened the air around them by burning incense, and that’s still widely used today, however most of the time it’s mainly just for religious uses now.

With that said, out of incense came candles. Another very popular method of air freshening today. Candles are great because you can scent their wax in pretty much any way you want, and the vapors the flame lets off spread it around the whole room. This is a very effective way of air freshening, and it looks great too, but it has some downfalls. It’s not a great idea to use candles for a really long period of time, especially overnight or when you aren’t around to keep an eye on it.

As good as candles are, they still have  a flame, which can be catastrophic if it ends up spreading to nearby sources. But, even today, candles are a great go to source for a romantic dinner or a good looking air freshener, and there are a lot of ways to make it safer for you. But people still had to come up with different ways to keep the air clean.

This was the birth of aerosol cans. Being able to pack a bunch of good smelling vapor into a can, and spray it out when you need it is an amazing step in the world of air freshening. However, this isn’t often used for normal air freshening, and is mostly for small rooms or big messes.

Essential oils are probably one of the newest ways of air freshening, and are extremely safe compared to candles and incense. These are also used for larger areas for a long period of time, unlike aerosol cans, and have properties that go along with them. Depending on the oil you use, you can create a calm, relaxed environment, or an energetic, focused one. This is a great way to help you stay productive!