Hungary Has a Mongoose Problem.

The city of Budapest has a mongoose problem.

The capital city of Hungary is dealing with an exploding population of the viral feliformia, which originally came from the subcontinent of India. Municipal authorities are at a loss to explain how the mongoose, which is famous for fighting and then devouring poisonous snakes like Cobras, came to be established in the city.

One theory is that the animals were first introduced into the city environs by a now defunct brewery, which made a pilsner beer called ‘Mongoose’  To publicize the beverage, the brewery imported dozens of mongooses from India and displayed them in cages in their lobby. When the brewery went bankrupt the owners simply opened the cages and let the creatures go to find for themselves.

Wildlife experts say this is improbable, because the mongoose is a tropical animal that cannot stand freezing temperatures, which occur every winter in Budapest. However, animal activists say that the mongooses may have gotten into the sewer system, where the temperature is always a balmy seventy-five degrees, and have adapted their diet to feast on rats instead of snakes.

Whatever the reason, the city is putting up “PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE MONGOOSES” signs in an attempt to keep the opportunistic animals from turning into a pest and a scrounge, which has already happened with the city’s pigeons.