Ireland to Receive Funding to End its Reliance on Peat.

Ireland will be receiving over 30 million euros (35 million American dollars) in grant money from the European Union’s green funding in order to help the country make the transition from peat fuel production and consumption. The funding should help employees in County Clare, who run the Moneypoint Power Plant, which burns peat, to either be retrained to burn natural gas or else find jobs in a different sector of the economy. The money is part of a much larger European Union fund that has been set aside to help member countries transition away from carbon emissions from burning fossil fuels like peat and coal. This is all part and parcel of the European Union’s much heralded Green Deal Initiative.

The Green Deal Initiative is the organization’s way to become more proactive in shrinking the size of Europe’s carbon footprint and to help alleviate the smog and pollution that are increasingly threatening the largest cities in the Union, such as Paris, Rome, and Berlin. 

The Initiative will also help farmers switch from phosphate fertilizers, which often leach into nearby rivers and cause toxic algae blooms, to more organic compounds that don’t threaten water potability.

The money is generated by a Union-wide tax on gasoline and diesel fuels.