Scotland Wants Its Own Brexit.

Over three years of battles, bumps, and bruises comes to an end this month in Great Britain, as the country finally prepares to initiate Plan Brexit, leaving the European Union for one and for all. But the country’s problems will be far from over when the separation takes place at the end of the month. Currently Britain also faces a future, and maybe another ‘divorce,’ as it confronts a Scotland that is no longer much enamored of staying part of the United Kingdom. Scottish leader Ms. Nicola Sturgeon is demanding the right to hold a Scottish referendum to see if the country’s five million residents still want to remain a part of Great Britain. The Prime Minister of Great Britain, the always-confrontational Boris Johnson, has flatly refused to grant Scotland the right to hold such a referendum, and has stated that if the Scots go ahead with it anyway, it will have absolutely no binding power and won’t change anything about the relationship between Scotland and England. 

The Scots, many of them, wish to stay in the European Union, since it has been a great boost to their economy and Scotch tourists by the tens of thousands have invaded the Continent to take advantage of the currency — the euro is a much better value than the pound sterling.