Spain Looks to More Renewable Energy Sources

On Tuesday Spanish officials went ahead with approval of a joint declaration proclaiming that the country is experiencing a climate emergency. Spanish officials are forwarding the proposed proclamation to their parliament in the next several months in order to get their seal of approval on the document. European media report that the Spanish Cabinet have solidified environmental targets that are the same as those of the EU (European Union.) Those EU goals include reducing the net carbon emissions of all nations inside the EU to zero no later than the year 2050. And the Spanish government is now vowing that it will have 95 percent solar energy and other non-fossil energy status in the next twenty years.

In recent years Spain has been experimenting with wind farms as an alternative form of energy for the country. The high plains of northern Spain are an ideal location for windmills, since the wind rarely drops below twenty miles per hour during daytime hours. In southern Spain solar panels are being pushed by the government for apartments and condominiums — and especially for tourist hotels, which consume as much as one quarter of Spain’s electricity each year. 

And in the Basque region of Spain, locals are reviving both the ox cart and the burro train as a way to cut down on diesel-consuming semi trucks that often leave crumbling roads and air pollution.