Want to Build a Loyal Fan Base for Your Online Business? Read This!

One of the first things you notice when you set up an online business is that keeping a client does take work. While the majority of people know this, we are still not good at it. That’s why it is important to ask some questions. How do you make your customers feel? Have you built a loyal and raving pool of clients? Are you the kind of business that deals with a “one and done” relationship? These are the same questions that Dan Dasilva wanted to answer when he made his first million from eCommerce. Dan launches a 100,000 blueprint every year and does over $1million in sales. Most of Dan’s success has come from his ability to create raving fans and connecting with them on a very intimate level. He says that there are many different factors that go into building loyal clients and here are just a few of them.

Create a Vision for Your Business and Actively Pursue It

Mediocre businesses follow other people’s vision and failing businesses have no vision. On the other hand, successful businesses create raving fans and pursue their own vision aggressively. The vision should be all-encompassing and implementable. This simply implies that it should be something every staff member in the business can easily support and work to make possible.

Give, Then Give a Little More

Once your company’s vision has been lined up with what your clients want, the next step is to deliver on it and then add something on top. Businesses that only meet expectations no longer have the ability to wow their clients. If a customer expects a quality t-shirt from you and that’s what you deliver, it is what you were supposed to do. However, if you go above and beyond, it will go a long way into creating one raving fan. Think about it like giving your clients a random and unexpected present. Each of your clients knows when to expect promotions, sales, or giveaways, but when you give them a visionary service or product that is directly aligning with their wants, needs, and expectations, consider giving them just a little bit more. That will be the first step on your way towards creating a raving fan.

Think Like A Company

Do you have any systems and processes in place that ensure that anyone in your business can take care of a customer when they have a need? Think about it this way: Any good company will implement systems and processes that make it possible for the team to do everything in their departments or roles. In other words, almost anyone in their business (as long as they can read and follow directions) should be in a position to handle any challenge or situation that could come up with a customer. Don’t let your customer  get the shuttled feeling from one department to the next just because team members in your business couldn’t figure out how to answer a particular question. As a business owner, you should be equipped with all the resources to create processes and systems that will not only cross-train your staff, but also help them serve your customers better. In the end, your clients will feel better about any issue they may be experiencing knowing that anyone from your team can work with them and help them out.

In summation, as the social media marketing revolution makes us all aware of the importance and value of feedback and excellent customer service, we understand that at any instant, a disgruntled customer or client can have a negative effect on the business. No one wants clients blasting them on any number of channels, like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Foursquare, and the rest. These and more diatribes can be very detrimental to a brand, especially budding ones. Something else, unless you keep monitoring your online reputation, it is possible that you will not even see some of these effects until they pick up steam and it’s too late. But you don’t have to wait until then. Dan Dasilva is changing how creators build and maintain relationships with their audience and is building Impakt, a platform for the future to allow any creator to continue doing what they love doing and getting paid for it at the same time.