Building Regulations for Temporary Buildings

Aside from planning permission, the regulations applicable to temporary buildings are another crucial factor for the industry. Building regulations are designed to help contractors construct buildings to comply with safety and other standard codes. If you are thinking about installing temporary buildings, you may want to understand the building codes in your region. It’s easier for contractors to put up structurally sound buildings when they follow the standards set by regulators. With respect to building regulations for temporary facilities, structural integrity and strength of the frame need to comply with EURO CODE, BS6399, BS590, and other similar legislation.

In terms of loading, BS6399 codes are essential requirements for safety. Buildings that meet these standards can withstand extreme snow and wind loadings in the United Kingdom.

Temporary buildings and UK building regulations

Many temporary building suppliers in the UK such as Smart-Space, comply with the standard building codes. However, it’s still critical to consider key factors such as marquee frames. The frames of clear-span aluminium marquee may closely resemble those of temporary buildings. When the profile size is small and light, it may not be structurally safe in the long term. Such a building will probably not meet BS6399 compliance.

If you don’t choose a reputable supplier, they may use mismatching components and fittings to erect your facility. This will raise serious questions about the structural integrity of your temporary building, as it may not comply with regulations. Since it can be hard to know how old a temporary building from Hire Stock is, clients may want to choose new buildings from Smart-Space. If you are looking for a reliable temporary building supplier in the UK, see this here.


As a market leader in the temporary building space, Smart-Space has vast experience of UK building regulations. Whether you want to expand your manufacturing facility or you want to set up a school building to accommodate your school’s growing roll, Smart-Space has got you covered. Temporary buildings from Smart-Space are designed based on complex structural calculations relating to your site. This strategy is particularly important for sites that are situated at high altitude or in coastal regions.

Why your temporary buildings should comply with the regulations

Of course, safety is the number one reason why regulations exist. And apart from that, building codes ensure that suppliers deliver high-quality and long-lasting facilities to their clients. When your temporary building is fully compliant, you will also easily get your approval from local building control bodies. What’s more, it will help you steer clear of legal tussles and avoid having your facility condemned.

Some suppliers and engineering companies cut corners to reduce costs and this shoddy work ethic can be expensive in the long-term. 

Statistics show that a short-term cost saving can be a hundred times more costly in the long-term. That’s if you build a weak structure that is non-compliant, you could lose it in a worst-case scenario. Site accidents could occur when suppliers compromise quality by using low-grade materials.

Customer loyalty may be harmed if suppliers don’t complete projects in time. But with Smart-Space UK, quality, safety, and on-time delivery are all guaranteed. Get the safest and strongest temporary building from Smart-Space at affordable prices.