Pickup Trucks – The Perfect Vehicle for Any Road Trip

Everyone loves a good road trip, but it isn’t that enjoyable when you have to drive for many hours in a cramped vehicle. There are many reasons to buy a pickup – having them for a road trip is one of them. A pickup is the perfect vehicle for any road trip simply because it is so versatile. You’ve plenty of space to carry stuff and with a double cab, the whole family can ride in comfort.


If you’ve been thinking about investing in one of the many pickups at Nene Overland, you’re not alone. A lot of customers are now looking at pickups instead of regular cars. If you are someone who enjoys taking several road trips throughout the year, you probably know what makes it easier. Camping or boating trips to the lake require a lot of equipment and driving a car doesn’t make things easy. Pickups are more practical; they can pull a heavy trailer, or you can store items in the rear.


Whether you are planning to holiday in a country in South East Asia or your own backyard, you will benefit from owning or hiring a pickup. When we go exploring new places, we tend to think as performance being the most important feature of the vehicle. Although it is critical, when we drive for long hours, comfort becomes the most important factor. Ask any truck driver what they prefer when driving, the majority will opt for comfort over performance.


There is no comparison between a pickup truck and a car when it comes to a driver’s vantage point. You can see a lot more driving a pickup as opposed to a standard car. You are several feet above the ground when driving a pickup which makes it easier to navigate and identify objects that could cause problems. Having a better view of the road makes driving long distances safer, something you should think of for your next road trip.

Go Anywhere

You aren’t limited when you drive a pickup because they are designed to handle all kinds of terrain. You can venture off road and not worry about getting stuck in the mud. Whether you are driving through a forest or along a beach, it is important to assess and understand the terrain before you leave the highway.


Driving a pickup makes it a lot easier to pack all sorts of additional items that would not fit in a car. After you’ve cleared out the mountain bikes, gas cooker, tent, fire supplies, and other items, the back of the pickup can be used for all sorts of things – photographic stand, bed, etc.

Driving a pickup for a road trip is also a lot safer. These vehicles are built to cruise along at a steady pace, they aren’t meant for speed. As you venture along the back roads and highways, you go at a speed that allows you to take in the scenery and enjoy the view. New pickups also have all the latest tech and gadgets for entertainment and safety purposes.