5 Ways to Travel in Thailand

Thailand is legendary as a tourist destination. As we look forward to the return of tourism in Thailand, it is a good time to do some research and to plan a legendary trip. Like everywhere, Thailand has been affected by lockdowns, fortunately Thailand avoided having any serious outbreaks. This is also true for neighbouring countries in Southeast Asia. For this reason, you can expect to see travel restrictions being lifted. The citizens of Thailand will be very happy to see foreigners enjoying the magical sights of old Siam once again. Here are some ways to get around once you arrive.

  1. Charter or Rent a Boat: It might surprise you that the luxury of chartering a yacht is within your grasp. Rates for boat rentals on the Andaman coast are quite reasonable. A Yacht Charter in Phuket is truly the ultimate way to see this part of the country. Cruising between the islands of the Andaman Sea, fishing, snorkelling, and hitting the beach. Don’t forget the marvellous seafood, and the legendary beach parties. There is something for every taste. Get together with a few friends and plan a holiday you will never forget.


  1. Travel by Train: Thailand has several train lines crisscrossing the country. It is an old system, but that is its charm as well. Travelling by train in a sleeper car is the very best way to get to a new location while skipping the cost of a hotel for a night. There are lots of interesting people to meet on the train. Train travel can be inexpensive too, if you feel like roughing it. They have 1st, 2nd, and 3rd class tickets available.


  1. Motorcycle Tour: Thailand’s winding mountain roads cannot be beat as a motorcycle touring experience. The twisties go on for mile after mile and over every ridge there is a new view and a little shop to get some local snacks. There are many places to rent all types of motorcycles in Thailand. So, every level of driver can be accommodated. Myanmar also has a burgeoning motorcycle touring scene.


  1. Tuk Tuks’ Song Toews and Scorpion Boats: While you are in the cities and the tourist locations you will notice various types of taxis, even some that go up the river. Make sure you try them all. Each type is its own experience, and the owner operators will appreciate the business. Remember to obey the rules pertaining to social distancing as well.


  1. Hire Your Own Car: If you are the type that likes to hit the open road and see where the road takes you, then perhaps renting your own car would be the answer. Most of the major car rental services are available in the major cities and their rates are quite reasonable. Take it easy when you start out though. Driving in Thailand is more organic than it is rule based.

Thailand is a very easy country to get around in. This is mainly because of the friendly nature of the people, and the culture based on enjoyment rather than results. This is one of the reasons Thailand is always in the top five, when people talk about holiday destinations.