Added Essentials That Every New Motorcycle Rider Should Know About

When new motorcycle riders get their very first motorcycle, there are a number of things that they need to have, that experienced riders know about already. These are things that make your ride a lot more comfortable and allow you to enjoy everything that your motorcycle has to offer. It may seem like common sense, but many new riders don’t think about the importance of having the right safety gear which includes your helmet. You might have spent the vast majority of your money on buying your motorcycle and so you don’t have enough left to provide you with quality safety gear. This is a poor decision on your part because you cannot put a price on your safety, and this is one element of motorcycling that you should not be cutting corners on.

If you were to buy your motorcycle from Wheels Honda, you would not find yourself in this situation because they constantly stress the importance of having the right safety gear, and if you decided to purchase your motorcycle using the finance option, then they would make sure that you have incorporated all of your safety gear and other essential gear into the final price. This way you get your new motorcycle and you get everything that you need all covered by the one finance agreement. If you are a new rider and you are unsure about the essentials that every rider should have, then please read on.

  1. Your motorcycle helmet – Your Honda store won’t force any particular brand on you when it comes to your helmet, but they will help you to understand that it is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will ever need. It helps to keep you safe on the road while also providing you with comfort and stability. When buying a helmet, make sure that you try it on because different helmets are for different sizes of heads. Have a look at the ventilation, and make sure that it is going to be comfortable on your head, because you’re going to be wearing it for many hours. Your motorcycle helmet provides you with a safety net, as does gap insurance.


  1. Your gap insurance – Many people overlook this fantastic insurance, and it can be just as important as your protective clothing. It is there to help you when you take out your motorcycle on a finance agreement. Nobody knows what lies ahead, and you could run into financial difficulties when you lose your job, for example. Your motorcycle will lose some of its value after you purchase it and if you are involved in a motorcycle accident that rights off the bike completely, then you may be left paying the difference between what you think the motorcycle is worth and what the insurance company are going to give you. This is called the gap, and with the right insurance, it can be covered.


Other essentials are your cycling clothes, ear plugs and a cover for your motorcycle. These items are all required to make riding your motorcycle fun and a stress free experience. It’s all about keeping yourself safe on the road and protecting yourself in the event of unforeseen circumstances.