Tips for Business Owners on Dealing with Social Distancing During the Pandemic

Whatever your business, you have had to make serious adjustments thanks to the global Covid-19 pandemic, with many small businesses that have little choice but to close down. Of course, your government will issue you with clear guidelines and regulations that must be followed in order to continue trading and failing to adhere to these regulations can result in serious penalties or being charged with a USA crime.

Here are a few tips to help ensure that your staff and customers are safe during the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Clear Signage – If you run a retail outlet, for example, it is crucial that you have suitable signage in place to inform people of safe Covid-19 practices. If it is mandatory for customers to wear a mask when entering the store, there should be signage that explains this clearly, with perhaps diagrams that do not require language.
  • Floor Stickers – If you would like your customers to stay at least 2 metres apart, you can create floor stickers with lines and footprints to help people follow the social distancing rules. These can be purchased online, which can be delivered to your business premises and affixed to help staff and customers follow the guidelines.
  • Providing Adequate PPE – Check out Happy Hands latex gloves, which are ideal for a wide range of uses, while you will also need hand sanitiser and, of course, suitable face masks. If you search the Internet for a wholesaler of PPE, you will be able to order in bulk and likely pay trade prices. If you have any questions about PPE, the Internet has all the answers, plus the supplier is always happy to help in any way possible.
  • Stay Informed – As a business owner, it is your responsibility to stay up to date regarding the current Covid-19 status where you live, which you can obtain for your government’s website. It is possible that the government will offer you some form of financial assistance to help you survive until things return to normal. Click here for an article on business logistics and why it is important during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Staff Training – In order for your employees to be a good example, they need to be sure of the best social distancing guidelines and you should call a special meeting to answer any employee questions that might arise. New employees should have some basic training about social distancing measures that are in place, while they should also be shown where the PPE is stored. It is important to make your staff aware of the need to be polite when asking customers to abide by your social distancing rules and some hands-on role playing is a good way to develop polite communication.

While it is an inconvenience, taking steps to reduce the risk of infection is the responsible thing to do and if you prepare your employees correctly, everyone will know what is required and will be on the same page. Check with WHO for the latest Covid-19 updates, as things can very quickly change.