Home Gym Essentials for Weight Training

One of the things we lost this year is the joy of working out with our friends in the gym. Some gyms are open now, but nowhere is the experience unchanged. With all the rules about social distancing and keeping ourselves safe it just isn’t what it used to be. But there is a silver lining. Now you have the excuse you needed to create your home gym. If you are fortunate enough to have a space you can use, you can create the ideal place to sculpt that perfect body. However, it is likely that to create that space you will need to make hard choices about what equipment you must have, and what you can do without.

  • Cardio: Every workout should include some type of cardio. If you are going to do all of your workouts from home, you are going to need some gym equipment from Tecdis Network. Many people might be tempted to go with a treadmill. But considering this article is about weight training, there is no piece of cardio equipment that will contribute muscle gain, as well as a stair climber.


  • Power Rack: This is the number one most important piece of equipment for a home gym. Considering you will likely be working without a spotter; the power rack is going to do a lot to keep you safe. But that is only one aspect. The power rack is an excellent central piece of equipment that facilitates numerous exercises, and you can nearly hit every muscle group working on the power rack alone. If you find a version that allows you to install pull down equipment and cables you can get almost a whole gym in one spot. You may have to be creative for some exercises, but if you could only get one piece of equipment, this would be it. You might never be able to quietly wait in line for equipment again, after you have had the luxury of having your own station


  • Free Weights: Clearly the gold standard of any weight training regimen. You simply can’t be without free weights, for spot training and creating a comprehensive routine. Free weights can take up a lot of space, so if you don’t have a friend with a pickup truck or you don’t have the room for a full complement of weights. You should investigate a modular set that allows you to change the weights safely and easily. It’s a pain, but working out is about commitment. You do what you need to do


  • Olympic Standard Barbell Set: Of course, none of this equipment would make any sense if you did not include a full barbell set. You will use this set along with the power rack and independently for squats and deadlifts.

You will find that creating your own gym can get expensive fast, but you must remember that these are one-time costs, unless you continue to expand your equipment. Free weights and barbells are forever, as should your power rack be. To complete your home gym, include mirrors, rubber flooring, and a serious sound system channel your tunes into aggression.