How to Build a Gaming PC and Save Money

If you are an avid gamer who would like to upgrade your desktop PC in order to play the latest games, then this article was written with you in mind. You might not have the confidence to tackle a PC build, but with a little advice, it really is quite easy, as we will explain in this article.

Choosing the Components

Building your own gaming PC means selecting many individual components, which would include the following:

  • The Case – There are many designs, some with better cooling than others and heat is a major problem with a gaming PC, so do choose a unit with adequate fans for cooling purposes.
  • The Mainboard – This piece of hardware provides the foundation, with all components fitting to the board, such as CPU, RAM chips, VGA and sound card.
  • Central Processing Unit – Known as the CPU, there are two main makes, namely Intel and AMD, both of which are reliable, with varying speeds. Check out the CPU units available at, a leading IT hardware supplier who has everything you need for your build.
  • VGA Card – Nvidia and Radeon are the best brands of VGA card, which is essential for hi-speed gaming and high refresh rates, and by reading some online gamer reviews, you can find out which models are popular.
  • Sound Card – Some mainboards have built-in sound hardware, or you could invest in a Creative Soundblaster card that offers digital, rather than analogue sound, which is much better quality.
  • Solid State Drives – The old spinning hard drives have given way to solid state drives (SSD) and you will need one of at least 512Mb for the OS and another SDD of 1Tb for data storage.
  • RAM Chips – Random Access Memory chips come in different configurations, with DDR being the best and you would need at least 16Gb of Ram, possibly even 32Gb, which really makes your computer fast.
  • Power Supply – This bolts onto the rear of the case and provides your mains connection and with the advice of the IT hardware supplier, you can choose a reliable power supply.

Online Tutorials

You will find PC build video tutorials on YouTube, plus you can join one of the many IT forums where you can talk to the experts if you are unsure about anything. You can source all key IT components from the online supplier and once they arrive, you can begin by fitting the mainboard onto the case, then add components one by one until they are all installed. Finally, you connect the power supply, hook up your keyboard, mouse and monitor and you are ready to install the operating system (OS). If you are still under lockdown, here is some advice on working out at home, which might turn out to be very useful if the lockdown continues.


Aside from the computer, you will need a keyboard (wireless is recommended) and good quality monitor and a mouse. You are advised to buy a gaming keyboard, as this has features specifically used when gaming and by setting a high refresh rate, your monitor will be able to handle the latest games.

Operating System (OS)

Of course, you will need to install the OS, which might be Windows 10, or perhaps you prefer Linux, but either way, you can purchase online.